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Cancellation Request Submission

We have received your request to cancel your membership. 

An email will be sent in less than 24h to confirm the cancellation. It will be sent from our secure payment partner informing you about the payment ID, name and email associated with the cancellation.

Your account will remain active until the last day of your current price plan.

If you have not received the confirmation email within 24h you can also send us an email to and request to check the status of the cancellation. Please note that if you are using a VPN connection, the request might not be received correctly. Please contact us by email.

If you would like to know the last day of your current membership, please click the below link for an email to be sent out to you.

After your account has expired, we will delete the account from the website. However, if you re-subscribe, please remember to pay for a full subscription price as you will no longer be a new member.

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