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Full Terms and Conditions for modelling at, a division of Planet Airlines (UK) LTD.


As required by Department of Employment regulations, will send a modelling confirmation release form, containing the specific terms of the collaboration with the models who feature directly or indirectly with the site. The form must be signed and returned by the model for these terms and conditions shall form the agreement between the parties relating to each collaboration.
The failure to sign and/or return the release agreement form will void the following terms and the model will not be able to promote or collaborate with the site for the services offered.
Any amendment and/or variations made to the release agreement form by the model shall not be valid and binding unless has agreed to such amendment and/or variation in advance and confirmed such agreement by signing the release agreement form after the amendment and/or variation has been included on the release agreement form.
In the event of any inconsistency or contradiction between these terms and conditions and the release agreement form, the terms set out in the release agreement form shall prevail.



Models who are interested in joining the site as a featured model shall first apply via the website ( ) and fill out the details for application. Once received the application, we will review their social media links (sent in by them). Models, who are successful, will be contacted via email to verify their basic details. An email detailing the requirements and the conditions of such collaboration will contain the request for the applicant model to submit proof of their age and location via a valid form of personal ID (passport photo, driving license or national ID) and a valid for of proof of address. (Valid Driver's License. Property Tax Receipt, Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Lease Agreement or mortgage statement, Insurance Card, Voter Registration Card or College Enrolment Papers). This process is known as KYC.

As part of the KYC process: We are obliged by law to collect the following information in order to offer our services for model hosting content:
Last name and First name - Date of birth - Nationality - Phone Number - Gender (Male or Female) - Personal address - Copy of ID including photograph (passport or national identification card or drive license)
Confirmation mail that inform you Success of KYC submission and Pass(qualified) and Rejection(disqualified) of KYC will be sent to the e-mail address entered KYC application. Retention of KYC Data Personal information and photos of participants participating in the Models sign-up application will be kept for Procedure of KYC. These personal data will be kept until the KYC obligations are fulfilled and may be submitted to the relevant agency upon request of the relevant legal institution. Personal information retention period: Up to 2 years after the completion of KYC process by on behalf of Planet Airlines Ltd.

A copy of the model release agreement form will also be sent along the initial email for the model to review it and ask any questions if necessary.


Upon agreement of both parties and the return of the model release agreement form, GNL-Models will create and provide to the model a dedicated website page where to host the models private and/or public content which has been agreed upon. The page provided will be exclusively for member access only and will be government by the general terms and conditions found on this website.

The model’s page is created in a period specified on the email, after the successful KYC and review of the models details and submitted data. Models will not have direct access to the content on the website provided by unless they have created an account on such website or have given a free user log in. However, before the model page is ready to be published, the models will be able to review and access the page to check the compliant content and give their consent for it to be published and be viewed by active members of the site. This forms part of the terms and conditions which are stated on the models release agreement form.

Models can at anytime request to have their content removed from the page and the entire website without any fees or penalties. However, we reserve the right to further host the content for a maximum of 30 days, after received the notification of take-down or removal in order to work on the site to update it and remove the requested content.


Model’s pages will include their direct links to their social media or fan pages where they wish to be referred to, as part of the agreement on the models release agreement form and the initial application for model collaboration. does not provide trace data or referral information for the models based on the number of visits received to their page.


Models who are unsuccessful, do not return a signed model release agreement form and who do not provide valid KYC for verification purposes will not be able to benefit from becoming a featured model on the site. Such applicants will be informed by email and be offered the opportunity to resubmit their data in order to comply with these terms.  


1. Model applicants of web site and online services may not submit or upload content that is unlawful, infringes copyright, or may reasonably be considered to be harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive or objectionable.

2. and its administrators have the right but not the obligation to monitor, screen, block, post, remove, modify, store and review such content or communications sent through this Web site, at any time and for any reason, including to ensure that the model generated content or communications conform to the Terms and Conditions, without prior notice to the user.

3. reviews manually and individually every application and its content submitted by the models. Additionally, we monitor the content which has been provided to us from other platforms (fan pages) where we have the express consent from the model to download, edit and host such content onto our platform and website. Any content found to be unlawful, infringes copyright, or may reasonably be considered to be harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive or objectionable, it will NOT be hosted by our platform and website. If we find such content, we will inform the model/user and revoke access to the website and irrevocably terminate our agreement with the model, as consequence to the breach of the initial model release agreement signed by the model. has established the following email address to monitor for notices of claimed copyright infringement and to monitor other reports of other content in violation of the Terms and Conditions, referred to generally in this Policy as abusive or unlawful content. These claims should be sent to

4. Upon receipt of a notice of claimed copyright infringement from a complaining party (the Complainant):

a. The designated agent or other member of the Online Content Monitoring Team receiving the notice or message, in consultation with the legal department, shall (i) remove or disable access to the material that is alleged to be infringing; (ii) forward the written notice to any person who provided the allegedly infringing content, along with the contact information of the Complainant; and (iii) take reasonable steps to promptly notify the person who provided the allegedly infringing content, if known and if contact information is available, that has or will promptly disable access to the allegedly infringing material and that the person may respond with a counter notification. In consultation with the legal department,, may terminate the person’s online account in the case of repeat allegations of copyright infringement.

b. The notice to the person alleged to have infringed a copyright shall inform that person that if he or she believes that a notice of copyright infringement has been improperly submitted against him or her by a Complainant, that person may submit a counter notification.
The notice to the person alleged to have infringed a copyright can advise that to be effective, a counter notification must be a written communication provided to the Company’s Copyright Agent and must contain (i) the person’s physical or electronic signature; (ii) identification of the material removed or to which access has been disabled; (iii) a statement under penalty of perjury that you have a good faith belief that removal or disablement of the material was a mistake or that the material was misidentified; (iv) the person’s name, address, and telephone number; and (v) a statement that the person consents to the jurisdiction of the person’s address.

c. Upon receipt of a counter notification, the Online Content Monitoring Team shall: (i) promptly provide the Complainant with a copy of the counter notification; (ii) inform the Complainant that it will not remove the material or cease enabling access to it unless, within ten (10) business days, the Complainant provides the Company’s Copyright Agent with notice that Complainant has filed an action seeking a court order to restrain the person from engaging in infringing